Music Theory Resources

Scale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Major major minor minor major dominant minor diminished
Natural minor minor diminished major minor minor major dominant
Harmonic minor minor diminished augmented minor dominant major diminished
Name of scale degree Roman Numeral Function in German English translation German abbreviation
Tonic I Tonika Tonic T
Supertonic ii Subdominantparallele Relative of the subdominant Sp
Mediant iii Dominantparallele or
Relative of the dominant or
Counterrelative of the tonic
Subdominant IV Subdominante Subdominant (also Pre-dominant) S
Dominant V Dominante Dominant D
Submediant vi Tonikaparallele Relative of the tonic Tp
Leading (note) vii° verkürzter Dominantseptakkord [Incomplete dominant seventh chord] diagonally slashed D77)

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