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How to connect Instrument Bible to Notion music notation software.

Part 1: Setup a IAC Driver Bus

For instructions on how to setup an IAC Driver Bus, click here.

Part 2: Notion Setup

  1. 1

    Open Notion

    Open Notion on your device. To download Notion, click here.

    Open Notion
  2. 2

    Open Preferences

    Notion > Preferences (⌘,)

    Open Notion Preferences
  3. 3

    Go to Preferences > MIDI IO

    Notion MIDI Preferences
  4. 4

    Set MIDI Output to IAC Driver Bus 1

    Notion MIDI Setup
  5. 5

    Open Score Setup

    Score > Score Setup (⌘T)

    Notion MIDI Setup
  6. 6

    Choose an instrument and click Settings

    Click the settings button for the instrument you would like to send to Instrument Bible.

    Notion ScoreManager
  7. 7

    Choose External MIDI from the list of instrument families

    Notion External MIDI
  8. 8

    Select MIDI Port A > Channel 1

    Notion External MIDI
  9. 9

    Click OK

    Now this instrument will transmit MIDI to the IAC Driver Bus.

    Notion External MIDI
Click here for more info on Notion MIDI Out

For more info, visit see the Notion 6 User Guide or visit